8 Underrated Cape Cod Beach Towns This Summer

8 Underrated Cape Cod Beach Towns This Summer

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is renowned for its charming beach towns, each offering unique attractions and a tranquil escape from bustling city life. While some towns are well-known, there are several underrated gems that provide a perfect summer retreat. Here are eight underrated Cape Cod beach towns to explore this summer.

Eastham On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Eastham boasts the oldest working windmill and a rich history dating back to the Nauset Native Americans. Colonized by pilgrims in 1651, it offers tranquility near Hyannis Port and Martha’s Vineyard, with seaside dining and scenic beaches. Visitors can enjoy the serene atmosphere and explore historical landmarks, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and culturally rich getaway.

Orleans On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Orleans, known as one of America’s happiest seaside towns, sits between Nauset and Skaket Beaches. Explore its vibrant downtown, adorned with public art since 1883, and enjoy the Cape Cod Rail Trail and local galleries. The town’s artistic vibe and picturesque beaches provide a delightful combination of culture and relaxation, making it an ideal spot for a summer vacation.

Sandwich On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod since 1637, features historical sites like the First Church and renowned glassware heritage. Visit Heritage Museums & Gardens, Cape Cod Canal, and scenic beaches like Scusset Beach. This town’s rich history and beautiful landscapes offer a unique blend of educational and recreational activities, perfect for families and history enthusiasts.

Chatham On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Chatham, once home to the Monomoyick Native Americans, thrives as a fishing pier town with landmarks such as Chatham Lighthouse and Atwood Museum. Enjoy beaches like Ridgevale Beach and cultural events at Kate Gould Park. The town’s coastal charm and vibrant community events make it a lively and engaging destination for summer travelers.

Falmouth On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Falmouth, a Cape Cod village, offers beaches like Chapoquoit Beach and activities such as the Falmouth Road Race. Explore Nobska Lighthouse, Shining Sea Bikeway, and attractions like Woods Hole Science Aquarium. With its mix of outdoor activities and educational attractions, Falmouth is a great spot for adventure seekers and families alike.

Harwich On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Harwich, praised as “America’s second-happiest seaside town,” blends fishing heritage with cranberry farming. Discover Bank Street Beach, Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands, and artistic flair in galleries and boutiques. The town’s unique combination of natural beauty and artistic charm makes it an inviting destination for those looking to experience Cape Cod’s diverse offerings.

Provincetown On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Provincetown captivates with its beachfront community, art colony legacy, and inclusive atmosphere. Visit Pilgrim Monument, Herring Cove Beach, and join events like Carnival and Women’s Week. Known for its vibrant and welcoming community, Provincetown offers a dynamic mix of cultural events and beautiful beaches, making it a lively and inclusive summer destination.

Hyannis On Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Hyannis, Cape Cod’s largest village, is a bustling hub with beautiful beaches and maritime history. Explore Main Street’s shops, dine at local eateries, and visit the maritime museum for insights into Hyannis’s aquatic heritage. This town’s lively atmosphere and rich history provide a perfect balance of relaxation and entertainment, ideal for a summer escape.


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